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  • It's okay to cry.

    Why do we hold back tears? We apologize for something our body feels it needs to do. Crying usually is seen as an expression of distress or pain. It can also be the action of expression of any emotion felt: happiness, anxiety, frustration, fear–the list goes on. It is the human body’s natural release of the strong feelings that we all, inevitably, feel. It is innate; we came to this earth knowing how to cry, no one had to teach us how to cry. But as we grew this bodily function was instructed to stop by our caregivers or ourselves; because "big girls/boys don't cry". Did you know that crying this therapeutic? Crying has many heath benefits as well. Crying doesn't mean you are weak, in fact it is a sign of emotional maturity. Studies show that crying improves mood, detoxifies the body, helps self-sooth, dulls pain by releasing beneficial endorphins that are helpful to your body and mind. Crying also adds in restoring emotional balance. Are you suppression your tears? Let's agree to stop. Here are 10 safe way to get yourself to cry when you feel you need to release extreme emotions: Ask for a hug from a friend, parent, trusted person. Sometimes the feeling of compassion and genuine human interaction can help the tears come. Watch a sad movie or episode of a tv show. Watch a ridiculously funny movie or episode of a tv show (popular suggestions from my clients include Friends and The Office), and laugh until the tears come. Listen to a sad song or playlist, and really be mindful of the lyrics. Look at photographs that may evoke strong emotion. Exercise! Many cycling and boxing classes are now held in darkness which offers a safe, private space to let go of some emotions (and sweat!) even in a group of people. Yoga is wonderful, heart opening, and always a safe place to release emotion. Try a Yin Yoga or Restorative Yoga class, which are less intense, and can be times of deep reflection. Please talk to your doctor and/or therapist before starting any exercise routine. Make sure that exercise is safe for your body and never exert yourself to the point of pain. Get a back rub or massage. Many emotions are stored in the body and sometimes a muscular release can help. Journal! Confide in a close, trustworthy friend or relative. Talk to your therapist. They can likely help guide you to go deeper in therapy and help you gently access buried emotions. Let me know your thoughts. Will you try to cry? Do you feel you stop yourself from crying? Let me know your thoughts. Resources: Gračanin A, et al. (2014). Is crying a self-soothing behavior? Hesdorffer DC, et al. (2018). Social and psychological consequences of not crying: Possible associations with psychopathology and therapeutic relevance. Millings A, et al. (2016). Holding back the tears: Individual differences in adult crying proneness reflect attachment orientation and attitudes to crying. Mund M, et al. (2012). The costs of repression: A meta-analysis on the relation between repressive coping and somatic diseases.

  • Why don't black people go to therapy?

    I went into the therapy profession with a desire to be helpful to my community. However, I found it surprising that most of my clients are not African American. The few African American clients I've had, left saying, "You know people I know!" or " I don't want people to knowing my business!". We as black people are still apprehensive about therapy with a professional of another race because we don't want to use the session educating them on our culture. Some people may also be concerned about what will happen if they are truly vulnerable to therapist of another race; it could lead to extra problems. So we continue to suffer and not reach our full potential. Are some of the reasons listed in this article the reason you don't go to therapy as well? Click on the picture and read the article attached. Let's start a discussion.

  • Let me know your thoughts

    Welcome to "Let me Know Your Thoughts" Hello, I am Leslie Ousley MA LPC SAC-IT Clinical Director/Counselor/Owner of Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic in Green Bay WI. If you reviewed my bio, you know that I've been in the mental health field since 2001. Mental Health is my passion and I feel everyone has the right to wholeness (physical, mental and spiritual health). I am posting on this blog to start conversations because I really am interested in your thoughts and creating a platform where we can learn together about gaining the wholeness we all deserve. We are helpers of 1 another, so let's help each other as we go through our own journeys. Listen (read) with your hearts. So please comment and invite others to become a member.

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  • Our Team | Wings of Eagles

    Meet Our Team Staff Email Leslie Ousley MA LPC SAC-IT Owner/Clinical Directo r /Counselor Email: I have always known that I wanted to be in the human services field. In 2001, I obtained my first role as a CNA and this provided the confirmation that human service definitely was direction I would take. However, I knew my skills would be best utilized in the mental health sector. While gaining my master’s degree, I worked as a Program Manager for intellectually delayed adults, an In-Home Behavioral Specialist and Mental Health Case manager for youth and adults. I completed my practicum at Advanced Behavior Health (MN), specializing in treating adults with varies developmental delays. Once I returned to my home state of Wisconsin, I worked as a Crisis worker and CLTS Case Manager before starting Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic, once a private practice, it has grown to many service arrays. My therapeutic method is didactic, eclectic and client centered. I believe it is not one particular path in assisting my clients in reaching wellness and wholeness. While in session, I do not take the expert role; I have the belief that each individual and family has unique strengths that are undiscovered and need to be explored and utilized to better handle the challenges of life. When I am not working with clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, attending church and traveling. People that are close might say I am always working due to my pursuit of discovering new therapeutic techniques. I love participating in various training and educational opportunities to enhance my skills. I identify that our communities are constantly evolving and my commitment to continual education allows me to keep myself and my team knowledgeable and equip to servicing our diverse client base. ​ Education Background: Masters in Counseling and Psychological Services Saint Mary’s University, Minneapolis MN Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Biology University of Wisconsin - Green Bay ​ License: Licensed Professional Counselor WI # 5428-125 Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training WI#18097-130 I started working in the field as a behavior support specialist team member, providing skills to at-risk teens, addressing conflict resolution within their family and gaining experience working with clients in dealing with subjects like anxiety, anger, conduct and self-harm issues. I believe in working closely with the clients and their support people in order to gain insight, to help them achieve their goals and success. I did this for a little over 5 years, before joining the team at Wings of Eagles in January 2022. Outside of work, I enjoy playing sports, going to concerts, spending time with family and friends, and traveling. ​ Education Background: Masters in Counseling Lakeland University Bachelors of Science in Psychology University of Wisconsin - Green Bay ​ License: Licensed Professional Counselor-In-Training WI# 4713-226 Ezra Williamson MA LPC- IT Counselor Email: Jessica King Rehab Provider Email: Currently I am working towards my degree in Human Services and AODA at NWTC. I will be graduating in Fall of 2022. I have also been a licensed foster parent for Brown County since 2017. Even in my youth I have practiced servitude and volunteering, by helping non-English speaking students learn their new language, participating in hygiene drives for the disadvantage to spending time with the elderly in senior citizen homes. Once I have completed my educational goals, I will continue to help my community through counseling and prenatal care coordination. When I am not in school or working, I enjoy spending time with my ever-growing family. I also like DIY projects, soft scaping and home decorating. In addition to those activities, I love to travel and learn about other cultures. My work experience started in the social service field begin when I was in high school working with children in at the Science Music in St Paul MN. That's when I discovered my passion for helping people. I also worked as a Paraprofessional for Public Schools, up in St. Paul and for Ramsey County Juvenile Detention Center. I have held positions in Case Management for special needs client and teen mothers and their children. I currently am using my love of working in the social service field as a Behavioral Specialist for autistic children. Based on my majority experience, I do consider myself as an educator. Outside of work I host a podcast where we provide safe space for women of all creeds to bridge the gap of communication and confusion among us. I enjoy sand volleyball, skating, dancing, relaxing and karaoke with my friends, painting and drawing (when I can), hiking and camping on vacation; I love being out in nature. Family and Friends are my backbone. I love to see them happy and being successful. I love the support and understanding I have provided myself within the community that I’ve chosen for my life Breanca Ousley Program Manager Eagles House Email: LaShawnda Anderson Rehab Provider & Program Supervisor Email: Human Services has been my passion since childhood before I knew the name of the field. My professional experience in Human Services started in 2014 and has been ongoing through work with numerous community partners. Having been a Community Resource Specialist, a Human Services Clerk for the County, and a Skill level provider with another community partner, I have gathered the training required through experience. I look forward to working with you as I continue to grow in this field here at Wings of Eagles among qualified professionals and eager peers! ​ In my personal time I enjoy creating experiences with my daughter, she’s 6 and a talker! We enjoy our conversation a lot! Art, music, and culture are a huge part of our life. I am a poet and lyricist and enjoy writing short stories. I think eastern philosophy has been really influential in my love of words! Family is the joy of my life, not just the one I was born into but the family that I have created through friendship as well. Grace Green MSE Accounting Specialist (CCS) While obtaining my master’s degree in School Business Management, coupled with over 20 years of professional accounting experience I held the titled position as Director of Business Services with one of Wisconsin’s leading school districts service providers. I was responsible for managing over 13 million dollars in funds, scholarships, and grants. In addition to using my education in a professional capacity, I volunteer my services to my church as their business accountant as well. Marrying my master’s degree; my Bachelor’s in Accounting; Health Care Administration; my expertise in professional planning; and working towards my Public Accounting Certification, the transition to becoming the Account Specialist with Wings of Eagles has proven to be a natural and seamless one. ​ During my free time my interest include being an active Brown County CPS respite provider, reading inspiration autobiographies, memoirs and self-care practices that include various crafting activities. As much as I enjoy my profession, I am a natural giver and creative person that has become “Auntie GG” to several children in the area. Email: Alice Green Office Assistant I have worked in the administrative field for over 40 years. For the past three years I have used my administrative skills in the metal health field, which has been a remarkable transition from my BA in Childcare Education. I am also an Ordained Evangelist and the Pastor of Divine Temple Church. In additional to my pastoral duties partnered with my education, experience and interpersonal skills I currently am the lead director the youth Sunshine Band, providing a unique introduction to bible knowledge, musical lessons and theatrical performances to the younger members of my church. My passion of helping others to grow into their calling falls right in line with the mission of Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic, making it easy to love my work here! ​ I enjoyed 48 years of marriage to my late husband Pastor L.C. Green, which created 7 wonderful children and 18 beautiful grandchildren; whom I love to spend as much of my time with as possible! My personal hobbies include reading, singing, playing the piano, and sewing. Email: My interest in mental health and psychology begin as a teen growing up in Chicago Illinois. I chose psychology electives In high school and college. My first semester in college I envisioned a career working in the community. I didn’t anticipate this desire would lead in the direction of being a helper to children. I spend most of my career working in humans services such as, HIL, Innovated Services and Thoughts LLC, working with adult with dual diagnosis. It wasn’t until 2021 that I discovered this was my passion and purpose through experience with working with kids in the mental health realm; from assisting with groups and being apart of the Big Sister Better Minds program. Currently I’m a student at NWTC. After I graduate I plan to continue my education journey until I have my PHD in child psychology. ​ When I am not focusing on my education I enjoy writing poetry, I traveled to many events across the Wisconsin sharing at spoken word. I also host poetry event and kids events in Green Bay. I love to travel with my family to continue to see all the great places that inspire me to continue on my journey. Ashley Holliday Volunteer Email: Maria Lundin BS Master's Intern Email: Sometimes overcoming life’s circumstances requires a little help. As a Mental Health Counseling Student Intern, I endeavor to provide a safe and therapeutic environment where clients are treated with dignity and respect. Whether your struggle involves parenting, relationship challenges, work, spirituality, life’s purpose, past hurts, or how you feel about yourself, your concerns will be heard and understood as we work together toward your goals. During my Counseling Practicum, I received training in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and 1-2-3 Magic, so if you are contending with a strong-willed youngster, I can help with that, too! I am also certified Prepare/Enrich couples counseling. I recently moved back to Green Bay after 26 years of living in Kentucky as an Environmental Inspector. While I miss my friends in the Bluegrass State, it is good to be back with family! Several years ago, my interests began to shift from environmental work to serving people, and I am now in my final year of a Master of Arts Mental Health Counseling program. In my free time, I enjoy being with family and friends, hiking, camping, cooking, antiquing, and quality time with my two kitties: Auggie and Moose. Education Background: Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling Student Asbury Theological Seminary Extended Learning Program Bachelor of Science in Biology University of Wisconsin – Green Bay​

  • Outpatient Services | Wings of Eagles

    Outpatient Services Pre-Registration Form We offer fee-for-service therapy where you pay out of pocket for each session if you choose not to use insurance coverage. Our out of pocket fee is $200 for intake evaluation and $150 for each 60 minute session or $100 for 45 minute follow up session. We also offer a sliding scale based on income and prepay discounted rates. Social Skill Group Gentle Minds, Transitioned Minds and Creative Minds contact us for time and dates. Sliding Scale Fee If you feel you may qualify for a sliding scale fee, please request a sliding scale application to determine rated before your appointment. Prepay Rates sessions have to be scheduled at least every 14 days; payments are forfeited if a session is not scheduled in 30 days. Individual Counseling 4 Sessions = $100/session = $400.00 6 Sessions = $90/session = $540.00 8 Sessions = $80/session = $640.00 Couples/ Family Counseling 4 Sessions = $115/session = $460.00 6 Sessions = $105/session = $630.00 8 Sessions = $95/session = $760.00 Please check with your insurance before making an appointment is ensure the service will be covered; you may have a high deductible. co-pays are due at the time of services. Accepted Insurance A etna Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield Care Wisconsin Cenpatico (MHS Health WI) Children's Community Health Plan Community Care Inc Humana ICare Beacon Health Options Medicaid (Forward Health) Molina Multi Plan United Behavioral Health (United Health Care/Optium) Inclusa Family Care Lakeland Care Family Care ​ Please Note: If Wings of Eagles is not in network with your insurance provider is doesn’t mean they will not cover the session, but it typically means that your deductible or co pay will be higher; ask about your out of network benefits. Payments Payments accepted in cash, check, debit and major credit cards. Prepay Rates must be purchased and paid in full at the first session. ​ Benefits of choosing to pay out-of-pocket Freedom from the hassle of insurance companies More choice in the provider you wish to see. Freedom from insurance related restrictions. Liberty to stay in therapy longer and and explore issues that may not be covered by insurance. Increased flexibility to fit therapy into your own schedule. Cancellation Policy If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment or do not call to cancel 5 hours prior to your appointment; you maybe responsible to pay for the session at full cost. This policy can be waive at the therapist discretion depending on the circumstances of the late cancellation. Your time is important, as well as your provider, please be be courteous and call. ​ ***Wings of Eagles reserve the rights to refuse to schedule an appointment after 3 no call no show or late cancellations.*** Forms The Intake forms may be downloaded below; You have taken a very positive step by deciding to seek counseling. We are happy that you have chosen Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic. Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic is committed to providing a healthy environment for clients, families, employees and visitors. Therefore, our office is a Smoke Free location. Staff, clients, families, and visitors are not permitted to smoke inside or outside the facilities. To make your intake process quicker and we can immediately address your concerns; please download the intake forms and complete them prior to your appointment. If you choose not to complete the forms prior to your appointment it is suggested that you arrive 20 minutes earlier so we can use the full session time of your intake assessment. We look forward to working with you to help resolve your presenting problem. If you have any questions prior to your scheduled appointment, please feel free to call us at 920-227-7078. ​ Please print out the forms below and bring them to you r appointment. Or arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the additional forms. ​ Therapy Agreement Informed Consent Virtual Informed Consent Adult Questionnaire Client Questionnaire Are you in crisis and can not wait for an appointment? Brown County Crisis Line 1-920-436-8888 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline 988 National Drug & Alcohol Hotline 1-800-662-4357 National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

  • Our Service | Wings of Eagles

    Our Services Outpatient Therapy Seeking counseling is a great first step towards knowledge, understanding, happiness and an overall sense of wellness. Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic, LLC using is didactic, eclectic, and client-centered approach with therapeutic services using evidence-based practice such as: ​ ➢Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) ➢Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) ➢Motivational Interviewing (MI) ➢Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy(MBCT) ➢Compassion-focused therapy (CFT) ➢Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) ➢Multidimensional Family Therapy (MDFT) We work with individuals experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, mood disorders, isolation, loneliness, emotional regulation, conflict with family, discord in relationships, sexual concerns, and many other concerns. Together, we can examine the obstacles standing in your way and develop strategies to improve your life. We are passionate about working with you to reach your goals and getting closer to self actualization. Wings of Eagles provide a safe, supportive space for you to explore and discover your true potential. If you’re looking for extra support and guidance through a challenging situation or you’re just ready to move in a new direction in your life, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. We offer individual counseling, couples/marriage counseling, family counseling, group counseling and coaching. ​ Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic is family-owned and operated right here in Green Bay, WI. Other companies may offer similar services, but we offer a client centered service that is culturally and spiritually sensitive. Are you in crisis and can not wait for an appointment? Brown County Crisis Line 920-436-8888 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline 988 National Drug & Alcohol Hotline 1-800-662-4357 National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233 Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) CCS is a program that helps people of all ages live their best lives. It focuses on unique needs that relate to mental health and substance use and if ignored, could lead to being hospitalized in times of crisis. The CCS screening process by a case manager in the county you reside, confirms who is eligible for the program. Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic, LLC are contracted with varies counties. We work to assist with recovery and stabilization in the following: ➢Self-managing physical, mental, and social health. ➢Meeting basic needs, such as housing, education, and work. Our services may include, help to manage medicines, social skills training, personal and/or family psychoeducation, psychotherapy, skill growth and refinement and wellness management and recovery. ​ ​ Youth Group Homes Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic Provide a safe living space for young men ages 12-17 that are displayed from their home for varies reason. Eagles House allow the resident to gain skills while working to reunify with their families or transition to adulthood. Supervised Visitation Monitoring Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic Provide non bias supervised visitation while family are working to develop a permanency plan. We also offer no contact safe exchange to ensure child is able to continue their relationship with each parent and ensure safety for both the child and the parent. Documentation is base on observation and not opinion or prediction and will be give to courts, attorney and/or authorized representative.

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