Meet Our Team


Leslie Ousley

Experience working with individuals and family in social service dating back to 2001. My approach is didactic, eclectic and client-centered; as I feel that there is not one method to assist people with reaching wellness and wholeness. I do not take the expert role; I feel that each person and family have strengths that are undiscovered to better handle the challenges in life.  I am dedicated in ensuring best practices in the treatment of mental health and co-occurring disorders. I recognize the importance of collaborating with family members and other professionals team members; this holistic approach improves a client’s ability to create and maintain long term change. ​​​


When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, attending church and traveling.  


Education Background:
Masters in Counseling and Psychological Services 
Saint Mary’s University, Minneapolis MN

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Human Biology 
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay


Licensed Professional Counselor WI # 5428-125

Substance Abuse Counselor-In-Training WI#18097-130

I started working in the field as a behavior support specialist team member, providing skills to at-risk teens, addressing conflict resolution within their family and gaining experience working with clients in dealing with subjects like anxiety, anger, conduct and self-harm issues. I believe in working closely with the clients and their support people in order to gain insight, to help them achieve their goals and success. I did this for a little over 5 years, before joining the team at Wings of Eagles in January 2022.


Outside of work, I enjoy playing sports, going to concerts, spending time with family and friends, and traveling.

Education Background:
Masters in Counseling 
Lakeland University

Bachelors of Science in Psychology
University of Wisconsin - Green Bay


Licensed Professional Counselor-In-Training WI# 4713-226


Ezra Williamson


Jessica King
Rehab Provider

Currently I am working towards my degree in Human Services and AODA at NWTC.  I will be graduating in Fall of 2022. I have also been a licensed foster parent for Brown County since 2017. Even in my youth I have practiced servitude and volunteering, by helping non-English speaking students learn their new language, participating in hygiene drives for the disadvantage to spending time with the elderly in senior citizen homes.  Once I have completed my educational goals, I will continue to help my community through counseling and prenatal care coordination.


When I am not in school or working, I enjoy spending time with my ever-growing family. I also like DIY projects, soft scaping and home decorating. In addition to those activities, I love to travel and learn about other cultures.  

My career in Human Services began in 2015 when I became the Direct Support Supervisor of
two behavioral homes for adults. This afforded me the opportunity for growth as I managed the
accountability of my clients, so they could grow in a safe and encouraging based environment,
With this experience, I was able to worked in the school systems where I was responsible for the implementation of after school curriculum and onsite supervision of staff. to provide a safe and healthy space for K-12 students that promoted diversity, empathy, and leadership skills.  In September of 2020 and 2001, I worked as the Unit Lead Assistant Manager. This allowed me to participate in experimental learning to teach basic life skills with cooking, housekeeping, and accountability.  Exercises included basic food preparation, hygiene, and the development of simple emotional intelligence skills.

Outside of work I enjoy engaging with my peers, cooking, dancing, songwriting and learning
about the cultural diversities of the world!


Jaron Lewis
Rehab Provider


I started in the human services field 6 years ago as a Certified Nursing Assistant.  I worked at various nursing homes in Northeastern Wisconsin.  As a CNA I learn to provide daily living skills and cares for elderly people in nursing homes and independent homes. I have joined this company because I would love to expand my career and I love working with people and helping them overcome their obstacles to reach goals! I will also be going back to nursing school in the fall!

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with by children, I son and new baby girl. My family is very important to me and very influential in my life.  My mother is a nurse and I plan to follow in her footsteps.  

Kalliyah Walker
Rehab Provider