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Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

CCS is a program that helps people of all ages live their best lives. It focuses on unique needs that relate to mental health and substance use and if ignored, could lead to being hospitalized in times of crisis. The CCS screening process by a case manager in the county you reside, confirms who is eligible for the program. Wings of Eagles Counseling Clinic, LLC are contracted with varies counties. We work to assist with recovery and stabilization in the following:

➢Self-managing physical, mental, and social health.

➢Meeting basic needs, such as housing, education, and work.

Our services may include, help to manage medicines, social skills training, personal and/or family psychoeducation, psychotherapy, skill growth and refinement and wellness management and recovery.

Seeking Comprehensive Community Services?

The first step in receiving Comprehensive Community Services is contacting your local Department of Human Services and requesting to be screened for eligibility.​​​​​
If you are already involved in CCS you can discuss with your county CCS Facilitator and recovery team about meeting your unmet service needs with our agency. 

CCS Facilitators please send referral form to

General CCS Inquiry Form For Case Manager
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