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Supervised Visitation

Supervised Parent Visitation

To help with reunification families that have been disrupted, Wings of Eagles provides the supervised visitation program for Wisconsin families. The program allows children who have been separated from their families the opportunity to maintain a relationship with their parent/s while a permanency plan is being formulated. Parents who have had issues with mental health, domestic violence, child abuse, or substance abuse are often ordered into supervised visitation services.

Children and their non-custodial parents are able to spend quality time together in a safe and nurturing environment under the guidance of a Professional Visitation Monitors ensure the safety of children and provide non-biased, neutral, accurate documentation for each visit. Professional providers are not related to either parent, have no emotional investment in the outcome, and are paid for providing non-biased supervised visitation services.

Visitation Hours

Tuesday - Friday, 10:00 AM. - 8:00 PM
Saturday, 10:00  AM - 4:00 PM
Other times may be available, upon request.


There is a one-time $75 non-refundable intake fee and a per-hour visitation fee of $55.

In order to begin the intake process, complete the form below to and someone will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Wings of Eagles Supervised Vistation
Wings of Eagles Supervised Visitation

Benfits of Visitations

  • Maintain and strengthen family relationships.

  • Increase the likelihood of reunification.

  • Assist with the transition to reunification.

  • Enable the parent to stay current with the child's development and activities.

  • Support the child's developmental progression.

  • Provide the material needed for accurate, verifiable documentation.

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