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Eagles House Living Center


Welcome to Eagles House Living Center, where we open our doors in 2024 to provide a secure and nurturing environment, igniting hope for healthy transformations. Our primary goal is to empower young men between the ages of 12-17, whose lives are challenged by emotional and behavioral issues, by equipping them with tools to foster and maintain healthy lifestyles through our highly specialized therapeutic approach.

The cornerstone of our services is the Fly Above program—a comprehensive blend of therapy and education meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate our residents back into their family, school, and community. Tailored to individual needs, this program offers diverse opportunities for personal growth and independence. At Eagles House, we address prevalent issues that many young men face today, including depression, anxiety, anger management, executive functioning challenges, social skill development, self-esteem issues, family discord, and academic or developmental difficulties.

Our program might include various components such as:

  1. Safe Living Space: Providing a secure, nurturing, and safe environment for the residents.

  2. Life Skills Development: Offering programs or support to help these young men acquire essential life skills such as cooking, budgeting, job skills, and other necessary competencies for independent living.

  3. Therapeutic Support: Offering counseling, therapy, or mental health support to address the emotional and psychological needs of the residents.

  4. Family Reunification Support: Working with the families of the residents to facilitate reunification, if possible and deemed beneficial for the young individuals.

  5. Transition Support: For those who may not be able to reunite with their families, providing assistance in transitioning to independent living or other appropriate long-term arrangements.

Our holistic model is dedicated to enhancing residents' resilience by identifying and addressing triggers that contribute to anxiety and poor decision-making. Through an array of skills, tools, and practices, we guide and support individuals in successfully completing the transformative Fly Above Program.  Programs like these often provide a structured environment with a combination of therapeutic interventions, educational support, and life skills training, all tailored to the individual needs of the residents.

It's a commendable initiative to offer support and guidance to young men during what can be a challenging and crucial period in their lives.

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