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Eagles House Living Center


Eagles House Living Center opens in 2023, offering safe and nurturing dwelling, while fostering hope to inspire healthy transitions. We strive to equip young men 12-17 years of age, whose lives are jeopardized by emotional and behavioral issues with tools to sustain healthy lifestyles utilizing a highly specialized, therapeutic approach. Our Fly Above program is therapeutic and educational and designed to safely integrate residents of Eagles House Living Center, into their family, school, and community, while offering individualized opportunities for growth and independence. We address common issues that young men face today: 

Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Executive Functioning, Social Skills, Self-Esteem, Family Discord and Academic or Developmental Difficulties. 

Our holistic model increases the residents' recognition and resiliency by identifying and addressing factors that trigger anxiety and poor choices.  We provide skills, tools and practices to help successfully complete the Fly Above Program.

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